Warrant Resolution Day

by Donnell Wyche, Senior Pastor Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor & Past President ICPJ

We had an amazing time at the Warrant Resolution event on Tuesday at the Freighthouse in Ypsilanti. After 12 months of planning, including recruiting 40 volunteers, we launched our first warrant resolution, expungement, and eviction prevention event in 14B District Court. Partnering with the County Prosecutor, the Public Defender, Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM) we offered 125 guests, in-person and on the phone, resources to help determine and resolve outstanding warrants, expungement, and eviction prevention. The event was held at the Freighthouse in Ypsilanti, MI on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. 40 residents started the expungement process and the completed paperwork was filed on their behalf. 85 residents received legal advice from either the Public Defender or LSSCM to resolve outstanding matters before the Court. Several residents met directly with the County Prosecutor about outstanding concerns including a resident who was assaulted by a local law enforcement agency, the Prosecutor was able to remove the arrest record because no charges were filed. All residents who requested financial support to clear bench warrants, past due court fines or fees were granted.MLive covered the event at:https://www.mlive.com/…/ypsilanti-event-will-help…

I am so grateful to so many people, including Daniel Buckley (our project manager, who made everything happen) to Desirae Simmons , Eleanore Ablan-Owen, Sudha Myers at Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice, Jon Bartholomay, Melodie Dunbar Floro, Rick Rykowski from the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor, Delphia Simpson and her team from the Public Defender’s Office, Eli Savit – Washtenaw Prosecuting Attorney, Victoria Burton-Harris, Frances Walters from the Prosecutor’s office, and so, so many others!

Photo credits: Eli Savit – Washtenaw Prosecuting Attorney