Privacy Policy

To establish minimum standards for the protection of member’s personal information, the ICPJ, by its Steering Committee, adopts this privacy policy.


  • When deemed necessary, provide information about members as required by law (e.g. under Michigan law, a list of members must be made available for inspection at annual meetings)
  • Create methods for members to specify how they would to be contacted, thanked, and if their names can be rented or exchanged. This form will be included with all donation thank-you letters.
  • Operate in good faith to respect and safeguard our member’s privacy.


  • Release our list of congregations to partner groups (this is public information already available in the phone book or Observer city guide).
  • Selectively do list exchanges or rentals with groups whose mission is consistent with ICPJ’s. In such cases, we will allow the partner group to make a 1-time “prospecting” mailing to the names offered. The organization may keep in touch with people who respond to the one-time mailing; other contacts on that list they must discard.
    • Staff may approve exchanges where the there is a clear benefit to ICPJ and where there is a clear affinity between our mission and the other organization’s mission.  Staff shall report all such exchanges to the Steering Committee.
    • In cases where the benefit to ICPJ or the mission affinity are unclear, the ICPJ Board must approve a list rental or exchange.
    • A hypothetical example of a list exchange that could be approved: ICPJ could trade a list of 400 active ICPJ donors for a list of 400 current subscribers to Sojourner’s Magazine. ICPJ could send a 1-time “prospecting” appeal to the Sojourner’s list; Sojourners could send a 1-time subscription appeal to the ICPJ list.
  • Occasionally give names of individually selected contacts to partner groups or individuals. (Example, “Oh, you’re interested in ensuring that transit is affordable for low-income communities, then you need to talk to Joe and Sally. Let me give you their contact info.”)
  • publicly acknowledge members, donors, volunteers, and/or partner congregations, unless  a request to not acknowledge is received.

ICPJ Will Not

  • give, rent, or trade lists of email addresses
  • excessively share our member list
  • release detailed donation or donor information
  • trade, exchange, or rent our membership list until the member contact form has been circulated for at least 15 months
  • rent out or exchange the names of members who have affirmatively requested that their names be withheld