Program Areas

As we deepen our network and prioritize the needs in our community that we are well-situated to respond to, these campaign areas are our focus. Our projects are emergent and generative and we will develop clear goals so we can measure our progress. 

Housing as a Human Right
We are collaborating with Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM) to pilot a series of tenant’s organizing meetings modeled after work being done at City Life/Vida Urbana in Boston. We are focused on building community power to insure housing for all no matter the income and to providing access to relevant community resources.   

Local Climate Crisis Actions
We are part of a coalition working to draft Ann Arbor’s carbon neutrality plan. We are focused on centering equity and our impact on surrounding areas. We will also advocate for accountability throughout the process as we mobilize our network to address the climate crisis. 

Youth as Cultural & Civic Leaders
ICPJ, Youth Arts Alliance, the Dispute Resolution Center, and the Michigan Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Board are joining together to add capacity in areas of restorative justice, cultural healing and loving spaces, and civic and community action with partner youth-serving organizations and groups. We will use intergenerational support and organizing practices and focus on issues that matter to the youth, and this year emergent areas are school culture and racism, the juvenile justice, and climate change.

Community Power & Practicing Democracy
In partnership with community advocates and local organizations, we will identify communities most disenfranchised by inequitable policies using social determinants of health and voting behavior in order to launch a grassroots empowerment and education campaign focused on building community power for low-income and racially-marginalized people.

Justice & Safety for Immigrants & Asylum Seekers
We join Movimiento Cosecha Ann Arbor in solidarity to support the Drivers Licenses for All campaign and help organize allies to work in coordination with their efforts. We will also build capacity for the new Network to Support Asylum Seekers that formed to fill a gap in services. 

ICPJ Caucuses
Caucuses come together based on member interest and energy and can be to support a specific campaign or to delve deeply into a certain issue. Contact to get more information and get involved. You can find the schedule of the caucus meetings on our ICPJ Community Peace & Justice Calendar.

Racial & Economic Justice Caucus – Explores ways to confront racism and promote justice for the poor in our community.

Immigration Justice Caucus – Educates, advocates, and organizes for permanent status for all immigrants, including those seeking asylum. We do this by organizing our networks to support immigrant-led campaigns for immigration justice. Specifically, our goal is to educate and to organize clergy leaders, congregations, and non-immigrant allies to engage in these campaigns and advocate for change.
Targeted policies to impact: 1) Drivers’ License for All Campaign and 2) DACA

Latin America Caucus – Opposes U.S. militarism in Latin America, especially by the U.S. School of the Americas/WHINSEC, a military training institute in Ft. Benning, GA.

Caucus for Consumption, Waste, and the Climate Crisis – Works with religious and community groups to stop global warming and promote environmental protection.