Congregational Green Groups

The ICPJ CWCC is gathering information on a “rolling” basis from groups that are working within their congregations (and sometimes beyond) on climate and other environmental issues. Our goal is to help people be aware of other congregations that are interested in or have experience with climate/environmental issues, so that we can learn from each other and collaborate.

If you are part of a congregation and are interested in connecting with others who may be pursuing similar goals and on similar pathways of projects and advocacy – please fill out this form. It will add you to our Congregational Green Groups list and you will receive notices about meetings when we have them. We see this primarily as a resource list that everyone can use to make connections rather than a group that meets regularly, but we are experimenting with quarterly meetings. If your congregation has some interested people but not an actual group, you are still welcome to join the list. If this is the case with you, please use the form to describe your situation, even if some questions don’t quite fit.

Joining the list does not obligate you to anything except having your information shared. (Whoever you list as your contact person is agreeing to have their name and contact information shared widely by filling out the form.)

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of groups who have agreed to be listed thus far, their contact people and what they are doing.