Generations Campaign

Generations Campaign

The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice has shaped generations of activists in south east michigan. Many of our members have been with us for multiple decades and have learned through practice so much of what we need today to build our just tomorrow. As we continue to dig deep and do the work that is needed, we are meeting new members who are adding a fresh perspective and widening the realm of what is possible. Together, we know that we have who we need in our network to make transformative change that will impact the communities for generations to come. What we need are the resources to help our vision become reality.

There is no time like the present one for us to act boldly for Racial and Economic Justice! 

Our community, country, and planet are entering a new age of urgency that requires us to grow our activism sustainably, while at the same time planting seeds of activism, care, and healing for ourselves and the process. This is why ICPJ is launching a Generations Campaign, an opportunity to deepen community conversations, to build investment in our work and the community, and to honor the wisdom and passion of seasoned advocates and emerging leaders. 

The status quo is a powerful force. We cannot overcome it alone, otherwise earlier generations would have been able to end its influence. We need to mobilize more people to act across our differences. We need to organize through organic relationships to deepen impact. We need to be reparative in our process to address systemic and intergenerational harms. We need to sustain ourselves and our community for what comes next. Together, we can exert enough collective power to counter scarcity by leaning into our shared abundance. What is our vision for future generations? You can help us get there. 

We have set a goal to raise $350,000 over three years through the ICPJ Generations campaign. These are gifts above and beyond our typical annual fundraising, to build a sustainable future for our work together at ICPJ.

Where will that $350,000 go? 

Mobilize : We need the right tools for a new age of activism. These funds will go towards upgrading ICPJ’s technology and building virtual spaces for activism and information sharing.

Organize : We know that dismantling systems of violence, while building just and ecologically sustainable communities, is full-time work. By adding staff capacity to ICPJ, we will grow our community’s collective capacity for activism. These funds will also go towards hiring and making sure our staff members are paid equitable wages.

Repair : Transformative social movements are defined by the voices of impacted community members and grounded in practices that are consistent with the movement’s values.

Sustain : During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen that many businesses and organizations are only a few months of expenses away from closing. Our work is even more crucial in times of uncertainty, when critical decisions are being made that often have the potential to widen inequality. These funds ensure that ICPJ has a runway to keep doing critical work in times of crisis.