Caucus on Consumption, Waste, and Climate Change

We promote environmental stewardship at the personal, congregational, and policy levels. We see ourselves working for good state and federal policy on clean energy, conservation, etc.

We also work with individuals and faith communities to promote lower carbon footprints and help show the connection between faith values and care for the environment.

You can get involved by:

  • Joining the group! Email or call 734-663-1870 to get on the email list and find out our meeting schedule;
  • Coming to events. Visit our Events Calendar to find out more;
  • Hosting a movie, workshop, or discussion at your congregation, community group, or as a house party.

Explore the relationship between faith, food, fairness, and environmental justice with our Eating for a Healthy World initiative.  Learn how our food, what we choose to eat and how it is produced, effects climate change and the health of our world, communities, families, and bodies.  Take action to promote fair, just, and sustainable food for all, especially the poor and vulnerable.  Begin eating for a healthy world by clicking here.

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