Workshops and Trainings

ICPJ offers a host of services to community, faith, and youth organizations, educational institutions, and businesses. Our workshops build capacity and include informational, interactive, and reflective components. Many of our workshops and trainings can be customized for group size, age, or level of experience. We work you to make sure the session is just what your group needs. We are continually adding more offerings so check back often! Guest speaking and guest preaching also available. For more information, please contact or 734-663-1870.

Disrupting Injustice for Co-Liberation

The workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on times when they did or did not act as a bystander to injustice. Then we explore the reasons why intervention is necessary when creating a safe environment where we can all belong, reasons why we don’t act, and  tools and strategies that will help participants to respond and act “in the moment” and afterwards.

Uncovering the Root Causes

This session focuses on understanding how our work connects with the greatest needs in Washtenaw County and beyond. We explore some of the root causes of issues that matter to us and map how our collective energy and resources can help us move toward deeper impact and intersectionality.

Tools for Participatory Governance

As we work toward stronger democratic practices, it is important for community members to understand the roles they can play in building the future we wish to see through public policy and in the political sphere. During this session attendees will learn about tools and strategies to hold public officials accountable to the needs of the community as well as ways that community members can directly participate.

Rapid Response Planning

Attendees will learn tools, strategies, and efforts we could join to better activate a personal network to serve an immediate community need or to mobilize a crowd for a public protest or action. This session includes a short panel with breakouts so attendees can create their own plans.

Poverty Simulation

An experiential learning workshop in which participants are sensitized to the realities of living in poverty. 35-75 participants are given scripted role assignments and structured situations to resemble those that welfare recipients face daily. Participants experience realistic challenges based on their assigned roles as low-income people of various backgrounds and family structures. 15-20 volunteer “staff” create a “community” with stores and agencies in which participants interact for four 15- minute weeks. After the “month on welfare“ the facilitator leads a reflective discussion.

Let’s Talk About Race and Racism Workshop Series

“Where to Begin? Re-framing the ways we look at “race” and “racism”: An introduction to key concepts.” This series helps us change the way we think about racial inequality by giving us the tools necessary to understand the racialized milieu in which we currently exist.

Mindfulness and Compassion

Offers an introduction to mindfulness and compassion practices. Principles of mindfulness and compassion will be explored. Through experiential activities, discussion, and reflection, participants will discover how mindfulness relates to compassion for self and others.

Dealing with Difficult Conversations: The CLARA Method

Feeling lost how to talk about the election, Black Lives Matter, or other difficult topics in a way that avoids turning into a screaming match with you just disengaging? The CLARA Method (Center, Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add) can help!