Poverty Simulations

Welfare Sim pic from Lansing City PulseA Poverty Simulation is an experiential workshop that exposes participants to the realities of living on public assistance. If you’re interested in learning more or hosting a Poverty Simulation for your own group, please email Info@ICPJ.org or call 734.663.1870.

Welfare "recipients" use food stamps to make purchases at the Simulation's Food Pantry.

Groups that have hosted Poverty Simulation include:

  • U-M School of Public Health – (Summer Enrichment Program students, faculty, and staff)
  • U-M Hillel (students and community members)
  • U-M Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning “Learning from the Community” Program (students and community members)
  • Faith in Action & Mission Marketplace in Chelsea, MI (families, community members from Chelsea, MI)
  • Starfish Family Services
  • New Beginnings School

What Others Are Saying:

  • The University of Michigan School of Public Health Findings Publication recently included an article written by the publication’s editor who attended a Welfare Simulation this summer. Leslie Stainton’s article (the Editor’s Note is on the right side of the page).
  • “I didn’t know how many people are living in this situation and how broken the system is.”
  • “I think this is a good experience for people to go through to have a better understanding of what people on assistance go through.”
  • “Trying to get through every day was very frustrating. The system is broken. I know I am very grateful for my life and I hope that there is more I can do to help others that are going through this system.”
  • Marketplace Money did a story about participants using the same simulation in California.

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