Caravan with ICPJ to Support Driver’s Licenses for All Legislation

Monday, October 16th, 6pm
Gabriel Richard Park | 7130 E Jefferson Ave. | Detroit, MI 48207

ICPJ is a member of the Drive Forward Coalition ~ Let’s Show Up to Support!!

Step #1: Sign up to caravan with & coordinate rides from Washtenaw County
Step #2: Register for the rally here:

Let’s WIN BACK driver’s licenses for all THIS year!

Join the Drive Michigan Forward coalition this on October 16 to demand that House Speaker Joe Tate call for a hearing on the Drive SAFE bills now.

This popular legislation would restore Michigan’s former 2008 policy, which provided driver’s licenses to all residents of Michigan, regardless of their background, so long as the technical requirements were met.

The bills enjoy widespread support from various segments of society, including:

  • Law enforcement agencies,
  • Labor unions, business & faith leaders,
  • and multiple municipal governments that have passed resolutions in support of this legislation.