Support Community-Led Unarmed Crisis Response


The Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice works toward non-violence in our communities, knowing that this can only be achieved through genuine racial and economic equity and justice and by uprooting systems of oppression. Many in our communities have fallen into the misconception that we can only achieve peace through the use of guns and force. But we know that this path has only led to disproportionate violence and imprisonment of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, and further entrenches us into a cycle of violence. Our vision is for communities in which residents work together to heal the harms of past generations and create community-led responses to crises. Knowing that we have the experience and skills, and the compassion and creativity to solve crises in our community without replicating patterns of violence and harm, ICPJ enthusiastically supports the CROS proposal. We are ready to join with other community partners to create new solutions that move our communities closer toward our vision of justice and nonviolence.