Library Lane and Fifth Avenue Noon to 6 and into the evening with Drums and Dancing, weather permitting

THURSDAY April 21, 2022:
The Commons is Open, Cars are Gone. Tables and Chairs. carpets and kids toys, open Mic. Central Park Now!
noon > opening bell and Land Acknowledgement
12:30 >. “DecaDome” Commons office and information point, Set up opening
1-2 >. Discussion: The Commons is Commonly Pooled Resources Self-Managed by the Users:
What resources can we commonly pool?
2-3 > Discussion: Artists Brainstorming Public Art Ideas for the Center of the City
Murals for the walls and Elevator Building. Entry and Exit Signage
Chalking for fun—“chalk the walk you talk”
3-5 more chalking, open mic, music,…

FRIDAY…actual Earth Day April 22, 2022.
noon bell
noon-12:30 Land Acknowledgement : What Earth Are We on
Land Return. What can be done.? Potawatomi relations.
12:30-1:00 Opening Question : What Earth Day means to me …(reading from the “survey”)
Opening song. and sing along
Music [Jim Griff Griffin ]
1:-2:30 Mayoral Candidates discussion debate: All Candidates Invited
Climate calamities, social needs, mutual aid and the commons are all questions facing our tree town:
What do candidates have to say?

.#1 >> #2 >> #3
*speaking order by lot. time equalized

2:30-2:45***brief introduction. Green Brick Road to Sustainability and Survival,
Local climate and earth conscious organizations invited to be a “green brick”
with a table or easel giving visual program presentation, and a leaflet inviting
citizen participation, for those walking the Green Bricks, on a pathway through the commons

2:45-3:15. Earth Dance and plastic burial Megan Sims
Save Soil program

3:15-4. The Green Team: reporting work: Growing the Earth, Community Garden, pollinators, composting, seeds and
4-4:30. A2 zero City Climate plan, Sustainable Energy Utility.

4:30-5. music: opening song again. Mary and Eric Fithian

5-5:15 Global Big Picture…The next COP Conference of Parties, Intergovernmental Report,
Deep Adaptation and Extinction Rebellion.
5:15. -5:30. “New Earth Manifesto” opening reading
5:30- 6… Game “Adapt”: Bridget O’Brien
Music band and drumming into the evening

SATURDAY: April 23
noon: bell
12-12;20 Land Acknowledgement and Knowledge from our relations
12:20-12:30 What Earth Day means to me…: Elected Officials and Candidates

12:20-:-12:30 -Exhibits open: The “commons” book and drawings table, City Energy Plan exhibit.
12:30 -1:30 John Heath band
1:30-2:00. Reports from the Green Brick Road to Sustainability and Survival: Fermi, Line 5, Prohibition Treaty, Public Power, Climate Lobby, Student Actions
2:00-3:00. Music and talk.
3- 3:30 Poetry. One Single Rose. Rose Marie Wilson

3:30 -4:00. Peter Linebaugh: The Commons in the world, Enclosure, Privatization and Theft: with time for Questions.
“Climate calamity as the ultimate enclosure.”
4:00 -4:30
Ann Arbor City A2Zero 2030 carbon neutral program, with time for questions Missy Stultz
Project Grow 50th anniversary Scott Richardson….
What Earth Day means to me: candidates : Angeline Smith
Council of the Commons : Lisa Disch

   Adam Zemke : introducer


6:-7:00-ish PM on **** Drumming and drum circle, bring your drum

Dancing into the evening

SUNDAY: April 24
Noon. Bell.
12-12:30 Land Acknowledgement and Restoration draft Resolution? How!
12:30- 1:30 Sunday Prayers and words
What Earth Days Means to me: open Mic
open mic
1:30 -2:30 Sunday Band Steve Somers

2:30-3:30 One hour Thinking outside the box:
2:30 -3: New Earth Manifesto, concluded reading and 2022 vision Odile Hugonot Haber
3:- 3:30 Peace Table.. .Art for making Peace with the Earth Alan Haber

3:30-4:30 Sunday Band Ralph McKee

4:30 on. open jamming
>>> next actions. discussion tables and meet-ups
Bloomsday Party May 21-22
Juneteenth June 19 and the United Nations Decade for People of African descent, 2015-2024,
Reparations how! Ann Arbor-Asheville Alliance
Ann Arbor Bicentennial 1824-2024 To what future? Vision,History, Outreach, inclusive,
Flea Market in July…pass on your good old stuff,

6PM Clean up: aiming for zero waste, leave no trace.