Workshops and Trainings

ICPJ offers a host of services to businesses, community organizations, faith organizations and youth organizations. Many of these workshops and trainings can be customized for group size, age, or level of experience. Guest speaking and guest preaching also available. For more information, please contact [email protected] or 734-663-1870.

Basic Bystander Intervention Training

A form of conflict resolution focused on nonviolent communication intervention strategies and methods to de-escalate a variety of both physical and verbal situations, with a focus on racial bias, prejudice, discrimination, and systems of oppression. Download Bystander Intervention Training Flyer for more information. 4 hrs

Bystander Intervention Training For Trainers – Saturday, September 29, 2018 (apply by July 31)

Do you have experience teaching or training?  Would you like to use your skills to help people learn to intervene when they see harassment, discrimination or prejudice?  ICPJ is offering Bystander Intervention Training for Trainers.  The fee for this 8-hour training is $100.  Following the training, you will have the opportunity to work toward ICPJ trainer certification by presenting with experienced trainers, and to be paid as a trainer.  To apply for Bystander Intervention Training for Trainers, please complete the application.  Please note: you must have attended a Bystander Intervention Training to attend the Training for Trainers program.  Also, you will need several hours of preparation time prior to the September 29 training.  You will be notified of your acceptance for the Training for Trainers program no later than August 1.  8 hrs

One Human Family Workshop

Book a workshop on Understanding Islam, “A Nation Divided or One Human Family? Building Connections Across Difference for Peace and Justice,” or other topics on justice and inclusion. 1 hr

Community Organizing Workshops

A variety of experts speaking on topics including: Seven Principles of Community Organizing, Event Planning, Advocacy Campaigns, How to Influence Decision Makers, and more. 1-2 hrs

Food and Justice Workshops

Food Justice is about exploring where our food comes from and inequities in the food system. This series highlights awareness and action around issues of food access, labor rights, hunger, and food waste and their impacts on climate change. 1-5 hrs

Race and Mindfulness Workshop

Offers simple mindfulness skills and basic strategies for challenging racism in our families’ everyday lives. 2 hrs

Poverty Simulation

An experiential learning workshop in which participants are sensitized to the realities of living in poverty. 35-75 participants are given scripted role assignments and structured situations to resemble those that welfare recipients face daily. Participants experience realistic challenges based on their assigned roles as low-income people of various backgrounds and family structures. 15-20 volunteer “staff” create a “community” with stores and agencies in which participants interact for four 15- minute weeks. After the “month on welfare“ the facilitator leads a reflective discussion.  3 hrs

Let’s Talk Bbout Race and Racism Workshop Series

“Where to Begin? Re-framing the ways we look at “race” and “racism”: An introduction to key concepts.” This series helps us change the way we think about racial inequality by giving us the tools necessary to understand the racialized milieu in which we currently exist. Series of four(4) 2-3 hr sessions


MI Fair Districts is a non-partisan grassroots organization composed of Michiganders who love their state and the democratic process. Presentation in an open format Q&A that covers a history of political gerrymandering in the US, different options to reform it in Michigan, and an update on current efforts by Voters Not Politicians to create a voter referendum for the November 2018 ballot. 1 hr

Best Practice Teams: Race and Policing

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has awakened public concern about the problems of racial disparities and excessive use of force in law enforcement — but what are the solutions that make a difference on these issues? This workshop explores specific, concrete, and verifiable steps law enforcement agencies can take that are based on solid research and local priorities. 1 hr

Mindfulness and Compassion

Offers an introduction to mindfulness and compassion practices. Principles of mindfulness and compassion will be explored. Through experiential activities, discussion, and reflection, participants will discover how mindfulness relates to compassion for self and others. 3.5 hrs

Dealing with Difficult Conversations: The CLARA Method

Feeling lost how to talk about the election, Black Lives Matter, or other difficult topics in a way that avoids turning into a screaming match with you just disengaging? The CLARA Method (Center, Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add) can help! 3 hrs



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