Racial & Economic Justice

The ICPJ Racial and Economic Justice Caucus actively challenges racism and economic injustice locally and nationally. Call ICPJ at (734) 663-1870 or email us at Info@ICPJ.org to get involved.

Issues and Actions

  • Hosts monthly Racial Justice Book Groups, on titles such as Uprooting Racism by Paul Kivel, Privilege Revealed by Stephanie Wildman and The Debt by Randall Robinson.
  • Addresses the systemic inequality related to health disparities and access to healthcare through workshops and film screenings/discussions (featuring PBS documentary: Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?).
  • Partners with RAAH (Religious Action for Affordable Housing) to mobilize human and financial resources for affordable housing in Washtenaw County.
  • Organizes regular Poverty Simulation workshops for congregations, university departments, community agencies, and other organizations to raise awareness about the realities of living in poverty in Michigan.
  • Promotes access to affordable, practical public transit for our communities; advocates for better county-wide public transit in collaboration with other local groups including Partners for Transit.
  • Addresses key ballot initiatives such as nonpartisan redistricting, health insurance, etc.
  • Offers informational resources on healthcare policies and plans; engages community in discussions about the implications of racial and economic injustice on our health.
  • Explores the achievement gap in the local school system and how our communities can respond to this inequality.
  • Partners with the Michigan Campaign for Justice to promote reform to the public defenders system in Michigan.

Vision Statement

From the vantage point of December 10, 2020, Human Rights Day, looking back at our Racial and Economic Justice programming great strides toward social change are evident.  Within the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, and even more so in the broader Washtenaw County community, there is a dynamic and broad-scale action to build up communities of justice and inclusion.

At the center of this work is a diverse group of trained and empowered change makers leading efforts throughout our community to address inequities in education, healthcare, policing, housing and beyond.  ICPJ equips these change makers with an understanding of the root causes that generate inequality, connects them in inclusive community, and equips them with the skills necessary to be effective in their work.  They have the knowledge and training to recognize and confront decisions and behaviors that contribute to inequality, whether active acts of malice or tacit actions that unintentionally sow injustice.  These change makers work with ICPJ staff to develop high-impact programs that address injustice at the internal, interpersonal, institutional/systemic, and cultural levels.

We don’t just talk about impact.  ICPJ projects lead to concrete and observable changes in individuals, policies, and organizations.  We are making progress on these issues, and this cycle of building up empowered change makers and seeing the effect of their work feeds an upward spiral of energy for greater and greater impact.

Adopted Spring 2017 (adapted from Zingerman’s visioning model)

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