Our Commitment to Transformational Change

ICPJ offers a mix of programming that blends a deep investment in transformation; monthly events that incorporate peace and social justice education in an easy-to-replicate way; and prophetic/responsive work in order to respond quickly to emerging issues with statements, forums, and public actions.

Programming that contributes to transformational change:

  • Addresses BOTH immediate suffering of violence, injustice, or environmental destruction AND root causes that create immediate suffering
  • Produces a clear, observable, and lasting improvement for protecting ecology, stopping violence, or reducing oppression
  • Alters relations of power to empower those who have been marginalized to create more equitable power relations

No single action by itself generates transformational change. Rather, such change is the result of many actions over time, organized into campaigns and movements.

While Transformational Change takes place over long timespans, you can see signs of it in short-term activities. Actions that foster transformation change tend to:

  • Be part of a broader campaign and movement
  • Have a clear and positive vision of the results of that activity and how that fits into larger change
  • Have concrete and measurable goals
  • Build alliances across differences
  • Support leadership and self-expression of marginalized communities
  • Build strength for future actions by empowering others and nurturing leadership