Reclaim January 6th: Nonviolence & De-escalation Training

Registration Required:

Meta Peace Team (MPT) and the Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (ICPJ) have co-created this full-day nonviolence & de-escalation training to prepare & organize ourselves to respond to animosity and hatred with non-violence, de-escalation, empathy, and love.

The training is a proactive response to increasing threats and violence against Black, Brown, Indigenous, Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Palestinian, and queer communities, especially since the January 6th attack, with a recognition of the potential for further escalation as elections approach.

Who should attend this training?

Those Interested in Joining Peace-keeping Teams:
Participants who wish to actively engage in peace-keeping efforts in response to rising threats and violence.

Individuals Wanting to Deepen De-escalation Skills:
Those who are uncertain about joining peace-keeping teams but are interested in enhancing their skills to de-escalate animosity and violence, both within communities and during protests.

Experienced Activists Seeking to Connect with Others:
Individuals who have previous experience in nonviolence and de-escalation but are looking to refresh their skills, connect with new activists, and re-activate their commitment to peace efforts.

What to expect?

  • We will provide materials ahead of the training and help you prepare with readings and reflection prompts.
  • Guidance to ground ourselves, reflect upon and understand our own emotional and physical being, needs, and capacities.
  • Discussion of power and bias in relation to offering community support and in our work to build trusting teams.
  • Skill-building will include nonviolent communication, de-escalation techniques, and empathy-building strategies.
  • We will offer practice space to experiment with and reinforce learnings.
  • This training is also geared toward building our community and trust with one another so that we can strengthen the network of peace-keepers.

Supporting others through de-escalation requires an open-heart and willingness to cultivate compassion, understanding, and empathy. De-escalation work involves recognizing and addressing our own inner challenges, personal histories and traumas, personal biases, emotions, and reaction patterns.

We seek to create a brave space, where participants feel encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, share openly, and engage in challenging conversations. A space that acknowledges discomfort but encourages personal and collective growth.

What is the cost for this training?
The training is free. We try to make our offerings free and accessible to all. We always accept donations, which will be shared between ICPJ and MPT.

Will there be child care?
Please contact if you would require child care to attend this training.