Celebrate Community & Practice Democracy Count Every Vote!

Rally November 4th ~ 4pm Diag ~ UM Ann Arbor

ICPJ has been working with national, state, and county-wide partners over the last several weeks to organize and advocate to COUNT EVERY VOTE. We are part of the Washtenaw Action Council, a loose newly-formed coalition to protect voter rights, unified and organized to make sure that this election truly represents voter choices.

We want Michiganders to expect that results will not be confirmed on Election Night and reassure them that this should not be equated with fraud, but rather expect that we need to have patience to ensure that every vote is counted. We are preparing for a delayed announcement, and also preparing for the possibility of a contested election.

When everyone’s vote is counted and the will of the people is truly heard, we can have a better future for everyone. However, in recent memory, communities across Michigan, especially Black and brown communities, have had their votes taken from them and ignored. We will not allow that to happen again. 

This fight is about so many things, Black liberation, climate justice, an economy that works for everyone, and basic human rights for all, to name a few. What we are fighting for in this moment is breathing room and a better chance and the space to build the future we want. We need to work together to demand every vote be counted, the voice of the people be respected, and stand side by side to protect each other, our families and our communities.