Action Alert: Support Anthony Hamilton and his mom, Cynthia Harrison

Background article in Politico, “How a Liberal Michigan Town Is Putting Mental Illness at the Center of Police Reform” by Lynette Clemetson about Anthony Hamilton and his contact with the criminal legal system in Washtenaw County.…/police-reform-mental-health…

Here are four things we can do to offer support to Anthony:

1.) Send an email of encouragement to MaryAnn Sarosi at [email protected] She will print the emails and deliver in person.

2.) Write County Prosecutor, Eli Savit, [email protected], and ask for diversion instead of jail time for Anthony given his well-established mental health struggles.

3.) If you live in Ann Arbor, write your City Council Member and ask for changes in how AAPD interacts with minors, all of this could have been avoided had 17-year old Anthony been diverted to a restorative justice program instead of being arrested. Council needs to hear from the community that we want a different approach, one that is centered in restoration & wholeness, not in punishment and detainment.

4.) Watch the court proceedings on Wednesday, August 4th when Anthony appears before Judge Archie C. Brown. The docket starts at 1:30pm and his court is available via YouTube. Start here to find the link to his court:…/WashtenawCountyTrialCo…/videos