ICPJ Needs Volunteers to help with “More Composting, More Carts!”

Volunteers Needed:  Thursday mornings – April 26, May 3, 17 and 24 (and June 7) – 2018 
The Climate Change and Earth Care Task Force of ICPJ and the Ann Arbor Area Elders Climate Action Chapter are launching a project to: 
  • INCREASE the use of Ann Arbor’s food composting program,
  • DIVERT waste from landfills, and
  • EDUCATE residents about the value of recycling and composting
Volunteers will first go through a small “pilot” section of Ann Arbor’s 5th Ward, taping a notice on trash carts that provides information about the pilot project.  In a second round, volunteers will again go through the neighborhood and put informational stickers on compost bins and trash bins (comparable to those on recycle bins) to show what should and should not go in each bin.  (We won’t go out in rainy weather!)Did you know that 20% of what Ann Arbor sends to the dump is food waste! 
By composting instead, we can help reduce methane gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and save money by putting less in our landfills.  That’s our goal; increase the use of Ann Arbor’s food waste composting program and divert more compostables (and also recyclables) from the dump.
If you can help us, on any date, please contact Joe Ohren at [email protected]