Opening Up, Focusing Down: Creating a process for creating, evaluating, and serving our programs

Yesterday (April 10, 2007), the ICPJ Board of Directors approved a new process for launching new programs, evaluating exiting ones, and thoughtfully allocating our resources among ICPJ programs.

You can read about the process here. You can also download the New Program Application and Program Self Evaluation (Word document).

What does this mean for ICPJ?

First of all, it creates a way in for new programs and concerns. As new issues such as Darfur, Climate Crisis, and others emerge, ICPJ now has a way to take these issues on and support the engaged citizens that are working to address these concerns.

Second, it helps us evaluate our programs so that we can continually improve our work.

Finally, this program lets us thoughtfully allocate our resources so we can best achieve our goals, be they policy goals like expanding bus service for the poor, organizational goals such as mobilizing more volunteers, or movement goals such as increasing the partnerships between different religious and ethnic communities around peace and justice issues.

So, if you have a concern that has been on your mind, you now have a way to get support from ICPJ for them. Read the document and get in touch with us.

And stay tuned, we’ll keep developing and expanding this material.


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