Middle East “Imagine” results

On September 14, ICPJ convened a group of Jews, Palestinians, and others to “imagine” how we could organize an effective, interfaith program for Middle East Peace. The Imagine Process Final Report is now available, and you can read the Executive Summary of the report below:

Executive Summary of Imagine Event Documentation Report

September 14, 2006


The ICPJ Steering Committee commissioned an event that would bring together members of the community to find an alternative means of organizing Middle East work Seven individuals met on September 14th and identified a new option.

Olive Branch Alliance

The Olive Branch Alliance (henceforth referred to as the “Alliance”)is the governing structure that will oversee the efforts in addressing areas of interest of the Middle East. The Alliance will be a body of members who will do its work according to identified goals and formalized action plans. It will identify key strategies to achieve its goals. Areas of interests may be far ranging from addressing conflicts in the Middle East to celebratory events reflecting the inherent strengths found in the Middle East. The activities identified as key strategies will be delegated to specific work groups that will develop and implement an action plan that has been approved by the Alliance.

Key Elements of a Successful Alliance

  • The Alliance is inclusive bring together various religious communities and members who have strong and broad ties between and within communities
  • Attention of the Alliance is on the entire Middle East region and not just on the Israel-Palestine question
  • The processes developed by the Alliance are fair and thoughtful, and does not allow one group to take over the agenda and the Alliance’s processes
  • The are resources-financial and human-for the Alliance to do its work
  • There is interaction of the larger communities fostering understanding
  • ICPJ understands the Middle East impact and implications to any situation it undertakes to address
  • Activities of the Alliance are goal based and planned
  • The work groups are accountable to the Alliance; and the Alliance is accountable to the Steering Committee
  • The Alliance is the sole entity empowered by ICPJ address Middle East situation

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  2. Chuckon 27 Sep 2006 at 7:10 am

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