ICPJ Staff Bios

2012-Chuck Head ShotChuck Warpehoski – Director, 2003 – present. Chuck brings two commitments to his work. The first is to help people of faith come together to speak out for human rights, economic justice, and peace — all of which he sees as profoundly religious concerns. His second commitment is to help grassroots activists learn the skills necessary so that they can best use their limited time and resources to promote positive social change.

Chuck is a member of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (Quaker) and serves on the Ann Arbor City Council. He has previously worked with the Nicaragua Network, East Timor Action Network, and the Campaign for Labor Rights. In 2002, he served on the editing team for “Plan Puebla Panama: Battle Over the Future of Mesoamerica.” In 2007 he was named to the first class of Michigan Fellows for the Center for Progressive Leadership, and in 2011 Chuck was named by the Michigan Jaycees to be Michigan’s Outstanding Young Religious Leader.

In his spare time, Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy Shore, and kids, Camille and Oren, reading science fiction and fantasy, and homebrewing. Email him at [email protected].

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