Women’s March on Washington bus trip FAQ’s

Am I on an ICPJ bus to Washington?

If you bought a ticket through EventBrite or PayPal, or communicated with ICPJ staff to receive a scholarship seat, then you should have a seat on the bus, and should have already received emails from us about travel logistics. We can’t post our passenger list online for privacy reasons, but if you haven’t received these emails, or aren’t sure about your reservation, contact ICPJ  at info@icpj.org or (734) 663-1870 to have us check our lists.

Is it too late to get on the bus?

All of our regular bus seats are sold, but you can add our name to the wait list here.

I’m a member of a community being targeted by structural inequality and I wouldn’t be able to afford a bus ticket on my own. How can I get a scholarship?

ICPJ still has 5 free bus tickets left for members of marginalized communities. Contact info@icpj.org or (734) 663-1870 to ask for a scholarship ticket.

How long is the wait list?

At the time of posting, there were 150 names on the wait list.

Am I on the wait list? What’s my position?

Contact ICPJ at info@icpj.org or (734) 663-1870 to have us check for your name on the wait list.

Will ICPJ be getting a third bus?

ICPJ looked into getting a third bus, but we haven’t been able to find a bus company that has free vehicles this weekend.

I signed up for the bus, but I haven’t gotten any emails. What’s going on?

Everyone who has a ticket for the bus should have received at least one email from ICPJ about travel logistics. If you didn’t get any emails, take the following steps.

  • Check your spam folder for mail from the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
  • Make sure that your ticket order was in your name. If a friend or family member purchased the ticket through their online accounts and entered their email address, they may be getting your emails instead of you.
  • Contact ICPJ at info@icpj.org or (734) 663-1870 so that we can check our lists, make sure we have the right email for you, and get you the relevant bus information.

I signed up for a crowd-powered bus out of Chelsea and got a confirmation email from Rally Bus, but then I got another email saying the bus was cancelled. What’s going on?

Unfortunately, Rally Bus cancelled the crowd-powered bus out of Chelsea and refunded everyone’s money because they weren’t able to find a bus for all the people who were signed up for it. You will have to find another way to Washington.

Do you know of any other buses going to Washington for the Women’s March?

Not at this time.

If I can’t go to Washington, what else can I do on Saturday?

Check out the official Women’s March website and input your area code for a list of sister marches in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Adrian, Detroit, Lansing, Grosse Pointe, and elsewhere. Also, check out Love Resilience Action Ypsilanti’s march on Saturday. Local marches are a great opportunity to make connections with local organizers and let your state and city government know how you feel about where the country is going. Plus, Rep. Debbie Dingell has said that she will be coming to the Ann Arbor march at 2pm.

I want to donate money to help someone else afford a bus ticket. How do I do that?

ICPJ has been awed at the generous outpouring of support for bus scholarship tickets. Right now, so many people have already downloaded bus scholarships that we have enough money to pay for all the scholarship tickets. If you want to support the bus trip or help fellow members of the Washtenaw County community be involved in standing against hate and bigotry, we hope you’ll consider making a general donation to ICPJ to defray the cost of the bus, or donating scholarship tickets for our active bystander trainings.