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We, the undersigned, support the adoption and implementation of a strong Organics Management Plan for the City of Ann Arbor, in accordance with the City’s commitment to move toward its “Zero Waste” goal. Keeping food waste out of landfills, where it is a major generator of methane, would significantly reduce this dangerous greenhouse gas. Turning it into compost would also capture a valuable resource that is currently wasted.

We believe it is essential for the plan to have an active and on-going educational component to help residents and commercial users buy in and participate effectively. While we recognize that further budget analysis, community outreach, and stakeholder input are necessary before developing a final plan, we support a plan that includes:

  • Expansion into multifamily dwellings;
  • Setting and following up on goals such as 50% participation in residential units;
  • Year-round residential collection;
  • A significant mandatory component for large commercial users (phased in); 
  • Strong emphasis not only on food composting but also on food rescue and reduction of food waste at the source—household, restaurant, grocery store and institutional settings.

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Why a Strong Organics Management Plan for Ann Arbor?

Background: Ann Arbor has contracted with consultants to develop an Organics Management Plan that would move the City toward its stated goal of Zero Waste.  The plan will have both Residential and Commercial components. The consultants will submit (1) recommendations to Ann Arbor’s Environmental Commission at its February 23 meeting and (2) a full-fledged plan, probably at the March or April meeting. After the Environmental Commission has adopted the plan, possibly with revisions, City Council will consider it and make a decision.

Why does ICPJ’s Climate Change & Earth Care Task Force support a Strong Plan?   

Food waste is a significant contributor to climate change. Keeping food waste out of landfills, where it is a major generator of methane, is one of the most effective solutions to reducing the emissions caused by food waste. (ReFED study, 2016)

In addition, landfilling our food waste amounts to throwing away a useful resource. Ann Arbor has an excellent composting facility and its director assures us that they can easily process and sell much more organic waste than the present amount. We also support measures to keep more food entirely out of the waste stream by encouraging increased food donations to people who can use it instead of throwing it “away.”

We’re asking for your signature because we want to let the Environmental Commission and City Council know that community members are concerned about this issue and are supportive of passing a strong plan and implementing it.   

More information is available on the City of Ann Arbor web site HERE, including a 6-minute video that describes the planning process and brief interviews with some of the participants of the Commercial Advisory Committee.