Response to hate graffiti found in Ann Arbor

This morning swastikas, racist, and anti-Semitic graffiti was found at Ann Arbor’s skate park.

We offer our support and concern to our Black and Jewish brothers and sisters who were explicitly targeted with this act, as well as to all the other people of color, religious groups, and LGBTQ individuals who have also been under assault by this kind of hate. We also recognize that this public hate is an indication of daily acts that perpetuate inequity.

We are consulting with our allies in the community to develop a response. We have heard calls for a rally or vigil and that might be part of the response, but we are also looking for ways to go deeper to help people:

  1. Do their own work to understand how hate, prejudice, and structural inequity affect their own lives (and for those of us in the “dominant” groups, how we benefit from even as we decry this injustice).
  2. Build understanding of and relationships with people of different identities and backgrounds.
  3. Identify meaningful ongoing actions they can take to confront hate and build justice.

We will keep you informed here and on the ICPJ website, If you would like to be involved in planning please email

In the meantime, here are 3 ways you can take action.

  1. Learn about the issues: This Sunday, August 20, ICPJ will host the next in our ongoing Safely Learning and Safely Talking About Race and Racism film and discussion series. Join us at 2pm at the Ypsilanti District Library, Whitaker Road Branch for a discussion of Every Woman’s Son followed by a discussion facilitated by La’Ron Williams.
  2. Build Community: We need to come together to celebrate as well as grieve, so join ICPJ for a One Human Family Summer Potluck on August 27, 4-7 pm at the Ypsilanti Senior Cente
  3. Help create One Human Family 2.0: When the One Human Family campaign was launched, it was a response to specific attacks against Muslims and Refugees. The ongoing and visible attacks on various communities (people of color, religious minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ, etc.) shows the need to expand the message. Suggest your best ideas for a new message and get entered into a drawing for a $10 Roos Roast Gift Card.

If you have other ideas or are looking for more hands-on ways to get involved, please contact us at or 734-663-1870.

update: there is also an impromptu “peace in the park” event planned for tonight. See the Facebook event for details.