Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice inspires, educates, and mobilizes people to unite across differences and to act from their shared ethical and spiritual values in pursuit of peace with social and environmental justice.

Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice envisions a world free from violence, including the violence of war, poverty, oppression, and environmental devastation. To enact this vision, we commit to nurture a community in which compassion and respect foster actions that dismantle systems of violence while simultaneously creating systems of peace, justice, and ecological sustainability.

All About ICPJ

Join us for an informational conversation about what we do and why it matters to you, our community, and the world! For your convenience, we will hold multiple sessions:

When: Wednesday, October 19, 7-8:30 PM


Thursday, November 10, 7-8:30 PM

Where: ICPJ, 1414 Hill St, Ann Arbor 48104

Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • One Human Family
  • Racial and Economic Justice
  • Transit and Housing Access
  • Food Justice

ICPJ is about coming together across differences to unite in action around shared values. That could be your mission too! Have you been thinking about how you can make a difference through social justice activism? Been hearing a lot about ICPJ lately and know that they do some awesome, engaging, and impactful work in the community? We welcome you to come learn more about who we are and ways that you can get involved. Please invite a friend or two to this short information gathering. We’d love to meet you and your friends!

Regional Transit Initiative

On November 8, vote yes for regional transit!

This November, you have the opportunity to vote for legislation that will bring an efficient transit system to southeastern Michigan. This system will bring about numerous benefits for Michigan citizens:

  • It will create
  • It will enable senior citizens to live more independently.
  • It will connect several towns to create easier access to a wider variety of services, including health care.
  • It will help bring about a more economically equitable living environment in Michigan.

View a timeline for the initiative here.

This initiative will be beneficial to all, and we encourage you to click the links in this post to learn more about the benefits of an expanded regional transit system.

To find out more:

  • Washtenaw Partners for Transit’s Facebook page
  • RTA’s website
  • contact ICPJ at or 734-663-1870. Check our Facebook page periodically for additional posts on the transit initiative.

To get involved with the Vote YES for Regional Transit campaign:

At the end of this year’s ballot, take the opportunity to improve lives for many people. Vote yes.

The Next Steps on the Journey to Just and Equitable Public Safety

Grassroots Movements are a tool to overcome the barriers in the way of just and equitable public safety

Learn more and give your input at the Police Policy Forum on Thursday, October 13, 7:00 p.m. at the Ypsilanti Senior Center, 1015 N Congress St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Want to give your input? Fill out the police priorities survey.

The Goal: The Black Lives Matter movement has awakened the nation’s consciousness to the need to fundamentally change our approach to public safety (which is more than just policing) to make it just and equitable. This requires a transformation of law enforcement policies, procedures, and relationships with the community so that the color of your skin does not determine how you are treated or the level and type of force used on you in a police encounter.

The Barriers:  While there is general agreement on this goal, at least in broad strokes, there are significant barriers to get there. They include:

  • The mindset of, “that’s not a problem here.”
  • The Real or perceived lack of adequate funding to implement the reforms, especially in financially challenged communities.
  • A lack of trust in the process, both by community members who distrust law enforcement and law enforcement personnel who distrust reforms (for example, distrust that a civilian review board would provide appropriate due process and subject matter expertise to appropriately review complaints).
  • The inertia of “we’ve always done it this way.”
  • A lack of transparency.
  • Racial disparities outside of law enforcement that contribute to racial disparities in the criminal justice system. Inequities in poverty, housing, education, and health care affect what happens in law enforcement, but are beyond the control of police departments.

Overcoming the Barriers: These barriers can be overcome through a grassroots movement that is: Continue Reading »

Interfaith Rally for Justice


Download flyer here.

Recent events such as the posting of racist graffiti at EMU, the posting of racist flyers at U of M, statements by a professor at Concordia, and recent police shootings call for a continued community response to promote inclusiveness and justice. This Sunday, ICPJ, WeROC, and Washtenaw Faith Leaders Forum will host a rally to express the importance of justice for all.

WHEN: Sunday, October 9 @ 2 PM

WHERE: Washtenaw County Courthouse (corner of Huron and Main in Ann Arbor)

Join us on Sunday and let your voice be heard!

Questions? Email or call 734-663-1870. You can also download our flyer or view our Facebook post detailing the event. We hope to see you Sunday!

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Graphic Design

ICPJ has launched a new monthly series of Brown Bag Lunch and Learns on community organizing. This month, join Ed Trager as he describes how to make great graphics, posters, and more with free and open-source tools.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 @ 12 PMlunch-and-learn_53556717

WHERE: ICPJ Office, 1414 Hill St, Ann Arbor MI 48104

Before you get here on Tuesday, you may want to download two free Open-Source programs that Ed Trager has recommended for everyone:

Be sure to select the download appropriate for your operating system (i.e., Windows, Mac, or Linux versions). Also, if you can bring your laptop with you to the workshop, it will help!

Continue Reading »

Fall 2016 Racial Justice Programming

This fall, ICPJ has several upcoming events on racial and economic justice. Here is what we have planned:


Download flyer here.

  • Racial Justice Book Group: On September 27 and October 25, we will meet to discuss the book Fractured: Race Relations in “Post-Racial” American Life, by Helen Fox.
  • Faith Leaders Forum: Building on the Faith Leaders Forum Statement on Race and Policing and the series of public forums, the Faith Leaders Forum and ICPJ will be hosting a series of Faith Leaders’ gatherings this fall to explore next steps. Details will be coming soon. Visit the Faith Leader’s Forum website for more information.
  • Young Adult Book Read: ICPJ will be working with local book stores and libraries to host a few facilitated discussions this fall for young adults (Best for ages 12+). For the first of these, we will be discussing All American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely . Look for details in an upcoming email.
  • Police Policy Agenda: What are the concrete policy changes that can move us toward more just and equitable policing over the next 6-18 months? ICPJ is working with local activists and organizers to develop a proposed policy agenda for near-term wins. Join us Thursday, October 13, 7 PM, to review the draft policy framework and sign up to get involved.

As always, for more information, visit or call 734-663-1870. We hope to see you at our events this fall dealing with this important issue.

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